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Working with Cesar IT

By following workshops with Cesar IT one gains proficiency in professional IT Service Management and Agile/ Lean techniques. Our workshops are unique in comparison to what others can offer. Not only do we use simulation training, but also our proven best practises and approach which is highly innovative, highly effective and completely different from the conventional ways.

Workshops with Cesar IT

We offer different kinds of workshops and training, your choice can be made out of Agile, SCRUM, LEAN (SIX SIGMA), ITIL, PRINCE2, IT Security, Risk Management, IT Governance, Information Security Management, Business Process Management and more. If you would like something else, we can always discuss and see how we can help you with your business needs.

Next to delivering workshops and training, we also can provide you with our Consulting Service. We are specialised in Consulting businesses with their complex IT and Business issues. We can advise in complex Agile environments, or on IT Service Management issues. Or may be you need advice and direction in a Lean environment. Our consultants have great knowledge and expertise in Business Processes and can help you to align them better with operations. 

We have developed workshops for IT delivery companies, IT departments as well as IT organisations. If there is IT involved, there must be business - and in that case, our IT workshops can be the helping hand.

Consulting with Cesar IT

No matter what your IT or Business questions are, we are more than happy to help you overcome them. We are sure we can assist you and help you to move in the right direction. We do not see problems instead we see great possibilities and opportunities to make your organisation more efficient and cost effective. We believe that with great capabilities all is possible and that is why we always work closely with your organisation, to deal and handle your issues together and find the best possible solutions to correct or improve the issue in question. 

So please come and meet with us. Contact us now, so we can make an appointment and let us start to help you to improve your overall organisational needs.

Our Expertise:



Best practices and proven theory material

Our trainers directly apply their years of experiences in each course to visualize and enhance the theory with practical real-world examples and cases. Thanks to this approach the participant is able to match and apply this knowledge and skills with his or hers environment and tasks, and is invited to ask questions if anything needs clarification. We have developed our own material, proven in everyday business practice and implemented in large-, medium and small companies all over the world. 

All our trainers have at least 5 years of training & consultancy experience in IT Service Management before they follow our own TAC ‘Trainers Assessment Course’. Together with our unique Business Simulation Environment we are able to deliver a total workshop solution to all your possible needs.

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In Company

As an organisation you may prefer to have the various courses to be given on-site. This is an efficient possibility we can offer at no additional cost. Alternatively, courses can be given at any desired location. This way you can save precious travel time, minimise costs and other expenses.

'We offer total flexibility: the choice is all yours.'