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Understanding and Gap Analyses are the key to a successful cooperation between Business and IT, between Developers, Builders and End Users or Customers. Together with crystal clear agreements will this constitute the bridge between changing or different organisational structures. Raise the Quality and Service Levels and IT Service Management in your organisation is born. Cesar IT can help you to realise this goal. Or do you prefer your organisation to be more Agile, SCRUM and LEAN? Cesar IT can help you realise this as well.

'This is our field, our speciality, and, if you let us, our responsibility' 

  IT Service Management

”Where Service Support & Service Delivery meet Business Goals”

Almost traditionally, where Business and IT meet there will be a lot of misunderstandings and gaps. It will give the effect as if two solar systems are colliding. It will take years before everything will be integrated and the two solar systems will be melted into one stable system.

One of the most critical success factors for us is ‘Human Capital’ another one will be the ‘Process Structure' and the last one the 'Relationships’ of the developed and implemented processes.

To realise this goal we use the ITIL methodology (Information Technology Infrastructure Library); essentially a set of books with the best practices of the processes that gives us a hand in developing and maintaining the processes needed to deliver our ‘IT’ services and support. We must do this in such a way that our goals and targets will be met according to the agreed SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

One of the most influential factors in achieving success is to have ‘Top Management’ commitment. By this we mean a commitment from management that they agree to the implementation of the processes and all that what ITIL describes: such as how to use the processes, the definitions and the terminology used in ITIL.

Business and IT are two completely different worlds, with different kinds of people and different ways of thinking. Both worlds must work together closely to accomplish the same goal(s). To realise this it is essential that one works in a process-like manner. And that is precisely where the problems may arise: a possible culture shock may take place. A change in the way of how we do our work – and changes are things we humans do not like and most of us are afraid of. In order to make such a change work, we must also change human behaviour – a formidable task indeed – in some organisations perhaps the most difficult task imaginable. But that is where the challenge for Cesar IT lies.

To manage our IT incidents, to find the root causes of our IT problems, to manage our changes and to control our IT implementations and deployments. We need Configuration Management and a well-established CMDB. Besides this we also must register, we must document, we must audit, we must report. But also very important is the fact that we must effectively and efficiently communicate throughout all the organisation. Then, and only then, our organisation will be able to survive and excel over the keen competition.