About Us


‘Business & IT Professionals’

We carry over 25 years of experience in solving Business Management, Business Process Management issues and implementing IT solutions. We excel in Consultancy and Training. We use ITIL as tool and model for Service Management and PRINCE II for project management. To integrate Business and ICT we use our own, in-house developed and proven methodology to accomplish these goals. Working with and for professional organisations means a professional approach and total commitment from our part.

Cesar IT operates from The Hague in The Netherlands, where our office is located. We service our customers in the USA, UK, Europe and in Asia and the South Pasific Region.

Value for money

We deliver what we promise. Period. Special requirements will be met in a correct and speedy fashion. By maintaining high standards and a highly flexible, personal approach we are able to guarantee top quality and total customer satisfaction.

The content of the courses is more than adequate to pass the exams. We tailor our courses in such a way that we can put more emphasis on added value in the actual course content – in order to make our participants absorb more knowledge and skills, which in turn will help them to understand more, gain more in-depth insight and learn more of the Business Principal.

The result is that our participants will be able to perform their IT jobs more effectively in relation to what the Business really requires and wants. We help them to understand Business, to understand the cooperation with Business,  and how this new found insight and knowledge can help them in their daily jobs.

'In short: we help your Business and your Employees to Excel.'


Our flexibility

Being aware to what our customers require, we are able to be as flexible as required – not only as an organisation but also in our personal approach. With a training and consultancy experience of well over a decade we know what can go wrong, what does work in everyday business practice and what does not. In this respect we can think a couple of steps ahead and we can react almost immediately where required. We strive to be the best we can, all the while steadily improving and innovating – and view our customers as King.

Why Cesar IT?

'Because for every situation we will find the best suitable solution for you.'

Professional approach

Working at the top means working with professional organisations and people. Our sole goal is to deliver total quality and a very high level of service. Our staff is highly dedicated and focused, and very well capable of realising this. A lot of things can go wrong in an organisation, whether it is a big, medium or small organisation. One has to deal with people, processes and money. A professional and managed approach is a must when it comes to this. We talk to Top Management, Middle Management and Line Managers. Our staff has the business and interpersonal skills to communicate throughout the entire organisation when it comes to implementations. They manage, control and produce value reports. They apply the latest proven methodologies, keep themselves well informed and follow specialist courses to constantly improve their skills. Still, we keep in mind that we are not perfect – and keep improving our techniques and skills, in order to be able to really excel. We define our task and mission as a company to get as close as we can be to help our customers the best we can. Being a Service Management provider, we also must be one and act like one.